Spiritual Healing Art Class

Spiritual healing through art is a new way to connect to your inner child and heal yourself spiritually. Join this class led by a Doctor of spiritual science, to use art to begin your artistic spiritual journey and become attuned with your higher self.

We all have a spiritual self, but sometimes it can be hard to find time for ourselves. That’s why I’m here! With this class led by an expert in the field of Spiritual Healing through Art – you’ll learn how using art as therapy has helped others heal their broken spirits and attune themselves better than ever before with what feels like home again… Your inner child

A lot people are looking outside traditional means when they want results fast; however if one wants long term happiness (and live up top ones potential) then there really isn’t anything else quite


Mar 30 2022


7:00 pm




Tranquil Haven
7455 N. Mesa St. Suite A EP TX 79912
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