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At La Buena Paint Parties, we provide a unique opportunity for employees from different departments and levels to come together in a creative and relaxed environment. By engaging in a collaborative art activity, individuals can foster stronger relationships, break down silos, and encourage teamwork. This experience can contribute to better communication, improved problem-solving, and a greater sense of unity among your staff.
Artistic activities have been shown to reduce stress levels, improve mental health, and boost overall happiness. By providing a creative escape, we can help your employees recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
Art has the power to transcend language barriers, cultural differences, and other barriers to communication. A party can celebrate and embrace the diverse backgrounds and perspectives within your organization. By engaging in a shared creative experience, employees can gain a deeper appreciation for each other’s unique talents, fostering an inclusive and supportive work culture.

La Buena Paint Parties serve as a refreshing break from the routine and monotonous tasks, injecting a sense of fun and excitement into the workplace. When employees feel valued and supported, they become more invested in their work and have higher levels of commitment to the organization’s

The Pricing:

Pricing is $40 per artist with a minimum of 10 guests required to have an offsite party. We can host up to 30 people. For parties of 10+ the set-up fee is $50 save-the-date non-fundable fee. (Note: In the event of a cancelation the following rules apply: All reservations made online, over the phone  are non-refundable. However, if you cancel with 48-hour notice store credit will be given to any paint party of choice. Less than 48-hour notice (“no shows”) will NOT be issued a store credit or refund. No excuses or exceptions will be given.)

If your group is smaller (9 or less), we have a set fee of $350, not including a non-refundable $50.00 set-up and save-the-date fee.


The party location is your choice: home, office, or the studio at Nobel House. We also have a choice of restaurants that will host food and drinks for your event.

Leave us your information below, and we will contact you to confirm the details of your party and make the deposit. The date of your party is subject to availability; once we get you, we can give you an exact appointment.

Office Hours:

Mon. – Fri. 10AM – 5PM
Sat. 10AM – 3PM


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